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HIGHWAY DEVELOPMENT SURVEY (GREATER LONDON): Final plan: priority of schemes

Date range1937-1938
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 39


Having produced the Highway Development Survey of 1937 (see MT 39/360), Bressey delivered his report and plan to the Ministry, who rather liked it and began looking for views on the priority of the various schemes it contained.

In this file are the correspondence Bressey conducted with what we'd now call "stakeholders" - the Metropolitan Police, Borough Councils and so on - about their views on the relative merits of each scheme and the urgency with which they thought each was required.

He then compiled a list of schemes, in priority order, and submitted this to the Treasury, who immediately rubber-stamped the top five. The money was all set to be spent and was, one infers, only stopped by the outbreak of war - after which everything was different and some of the schemes listed here were never revived.

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People with camera copies

Chris Marshall has a partial copy.